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Underdog (icelandic: Rjómi) has received official selections and awards at a few film festivals around the world. Underdog premiered at Skjaldborg Film Festival in the directors home country, Iceland, in 2018. There it received the jury's special mention, and was off to a great start. After being sold to Icelandic national TV station, RÚV, Underdog went on the road and was greatly received at a number of film festivals. 

Breed discrimination is an important topic, already being discussed in groups of veterinarians and dog behaviourists. However we need to spread the discussion to a wider audience, and encourage authorities to base their legislation on facts and research. This documentary is one piece in this puzzle, and hopefully it can reach a wider audience to give an important perspective to this topic. 


Poster photography and design: Stefán H. Kristinsson

Underdog Laurel poster nov 2019.jpg
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